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This book maps a thought process and exploration that lasted for two years while i was working on my M.A. at Sunderland university. There was a constant play between the ideas and forms of order and chaos. The dichotomy serves to echo philosophical ideas of determinism and freewill. Determinism might suggest a natural order, pre-ordained destiny where the clockmaker works in mysterious ways whereas chaos suggests freewill: the pattern of things disrupted by billions of people working against each other, each struggling forward to achieve his own aims. The forms of graph paper, photo manipulated graph paper and home marbled paper offered clear visual metaphors for these concepts. This book charts how i progressed with the ideas visually, away from all my books on philosophy.

Following studies of various theorists (including Derrida and Baudrillard) I have come to rest at an attitude where the only order is chaos, where the binary opposition we try and impose is false and where our understanding of our lives is trapped by our language which continually fails us. Our concepts are bound to our words. The patterns where both order and chaos exist are the best explanation for me.


Louise Marchal 2008